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Prince’s Coverts is an area of managed woodland located to the east and south of Clarendon Park as shown on the location map. It is owned and managed by the Crown Estates but is open to the public.  If you enjoy walking, jogging or riding, you will love Prince's Coverts. It is a haven of tranquility and wildlife adjacent to Oxshott.

The woodlands of Prince's Coverts are owned and managed by the Crown Estates, but are open to the public.

The brochure available on this website is copyright of the Crown Estate but is freely distributed to the public. There is contact information on it, if you would like to obtain an original copy.

It shows the main paths through Prince's Coverts and provides fascinating information about the history of the Coverts, the trails and some of the features, wildlife and plant life that you can find. For a really enjoyable family excursion in the summer, there is a picnic area, also shown on the map.

The closest entrance from Clarendon Park is on Birds Hill Drive, although this is not shown on the map in the brochure.  If you walk along Birds Hill Drive starting at Fairoak Lane, you will soon find the entrance to Prince’s Coverts on your left. There are also entrances from Fairoak Lane and Leatherhead Road, both shown on the map in the brochure.

Princes Coverts