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Oxshott Heath covers about 200 acres between the railway line to the south, extending north to the A3.  It is crossed by Warren Lane and Sandy Lane.  North of the A3, the woodland continues as Esher Commons.  A map and description of the Esher Commons, including Oxshott Heath, can be downloaded here.

Oxshott Heath is managed by nine local residents, elected as Conservators. There is a full-time Warden who maintains the paths, ditches and car parks.  

The Conservators are also responsible for fund-raising for the upkeep and management of the Heath.  There are small grants from Elmbridge Borough Council and the Forestry Commission, but most of the income comes from local residents and visitors by way of donations.  The donation form can be downloaded here.

The Heath is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its rare fauna and flora.  The SSSI Citation can be viewed by clicking here.

The Heath is very popular and is used by runners, walkers, horse-riders and others for outdoor recreation.  It is possible to walk, for example, from the area of Oxshott station to West End near Esher in about 45 minutes, visit Garsons’ Farm and the Prince of Wales pub, enjoy a good lunch and return.  The fascinating history of Oxshott Heath is narrated here.

Oxshott Heath