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Clarendon Park consists of 40 apartments organized in eight Courts, situated on The Warren and The Gables, Oxshott, Surrey.

Beech, Ash and Oak Courts in The Warren, have apartment numbers 1 to 12, postcode KT22 0SB.

Maple, Cedar, Elm, Birch and Willow Courts in The Gables, have apartment numbers 1 to 29 (there is no number 13), postcode KT22 0SD.

The locations of the Courts, with the apartment numbering, are shown on the plan on the right - a clearer copy is available here.

2017-01-21 - site_plan A.jpg

The estate is run by Clarendon Park (Oxshott) Residents' Co. Ltd.. Each owner is a shareholder of the Company and is eligible to stand for election as a Director, to vote in AGMs etc.. The Managing Agent is Huggins, Edwards & Sharp of Bookham.

One of the estate's great attractions is the wooded and landscaped grounds which cover approximately 9 acres. The resulting wildlife includes birds (woodpeckers, jays, tits, chaffinches, etc.), foxes, and the occasional deer and badger.  The environment of Clarendon Park is tranquil and peaceful.